Jewelry box production process, quality control standards







Purpose: In order to ensure that each batch of mass products’ quality meets the standards, enhance customer trust, improve employee quality concept, and reduce unnecessary losses of the factory, the following quality supervision standards are drawn up, and the corresponding supervisors are strictly observed and implemented.
1. Before ordering materials in each batch, be sure to order large raw materials according to the sample one item by one item together with all the material suppliers. After bulk material back to the factory, it must be confirmed again according to the sample and all the materials meet the production requirements before receiving the goods. PS: Avoid ordering errors, affecting delivery time and wasting materials.


2, The material must be clean, placed neatly, the amount of material is sufficient to minimize wear and tear. PS: Avoid the complement problem.


3, Before logo printing,it should be assured that the hot stamping color is consistent with the sample , LOGO printing must be clear, no gold spilled, no skewing happened , the logo position is accurate. After confirmation , then mass production for gold stamping can be started .


4, The number of gluing process by material covering , can not exceed 3 boards. PS: Avoid the accumulation of paper causes the glue to be too dry, resulting in degumming of the packaged box, and obvious quality problems such as bubbles.


5, the glue staff needs to check the glue machine by every 1-2 hours, must ensure that the glue machine roller is clean and no glue. Avoid sticking glue to the bread. PS: Guarantee and reduce the length of work of the glue during subsequent packaging.


6, the box covering staff must be keep the positioning  accurately, need to ensure that the box does not appear edge, exposed angles, nail scratches and other obvious work problems, as much as possible to reduce the glue on the hands to the cover materials.

7,The foaming staff needs to press the packaged box in time. The unbuffered box can’t be piled up for too long. The pressed box must be placed neatly to avoid indentation and scratches.

8,The packaging staff must carefully check whether each box in the hand has extra edge, exposed angle, glue, scratches, and obvious damage. If any above situation happened , it must be removed; each box must be blown clean with an air gun before entering the box. Lining, only qualified boxes without quality problems can be packed into the box.

Post time: Dec-14-2018